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Rules & Regulations

Tournament Rules and Information

 HCC Rules and Dress Code apply.

  1. Players arriving more than 15 minutes after their scheduled start time may be defaulted.
  2. Maximum 5 minutes warm up please.
  3. All matches best of 3 sets. All 3rd sets will be decided by a match tie-break to 10 points.
  4. The decision of the tournament committee is final.
  5. Juniors may enter open events only.
  6. Doubles partners of different levels must enter the category of stronger player. Each player must register.
  7. The tournament committee has the right to place players in suitable categories.
  8. A player may enter up to 3 events including one singles, one doubles and one mixed.
  9. Players should be prepared to play at least once per day per event. If entering doubles and mixed events players may need to play twice in one evening.
  10. Play begins: Weekdays 5:30pm
  11. Please check the entries close dates.
  12. Players are responsible for checking start times
  • Fees: 1 Event                         $45.00

2 Events                       $60.00

3 Events                       $75.00

  1. Players who lose their first round match will be entered in consolation rounds unless starter’s desk is otherwise notified.
  2. Singles draw times available at 6:00pm on February 10th. Doubles draw times available 6pm on February 15th.
  3. Player(s) not able to play at the scheduled time will have the option of completing the match at a time agreed upon with their opponent(s). Match has to be completed before next round match. If opponents are not able to play, requester will forfeit match.

NOTE: The Tournament Committee reserves the right to place players in suitable categories.

All participants in the 2019 Indoor Club Championships are eligible to have $5.00 off their racquet stringing before or during the event.  Please see Audie or Liz for details.